February 8, 2009

The LemLoofah has landed. Heavily.
Semi-circualr bars of citronella scented soap with the loofah embedded inside. Genius.
This will get you going in the morning. Great for elbows, knees, feet or just very dirty people.



February 7, 2009

Clear loaf of zingy peppermint with lots of green pikaki chunks taking your nose to the flowery tropics.

Armani Code Ladies

February 7, 2009

White and sparkly pink zig zags. This scent aparently holds the secret code of women. I have no idea what that code may be but we could start a poll.

Ducky Ducky

February 7, 2009

Clear unscented aqua soap with a real rubber ducky floating on top. Mr Duck will float in the bath and squeak as required.
When Mr Duck is busy, his friends take over – chickens, seals, turtles and frogs. The choice is yours!!

Me thinks I should have taken the photo before I wrapped it. Not only is it very unclear but you can’t see the ‘waves’ on the pond 😦